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March 3, 2010

basic instinct

The luxurious knitwear label Jac + Jack opened their first store in Paddington last week, just in time for winter. I'm a big fan of cosy, but still delicate, knitwear and I'll definetly be saving up my hard earned penny's for a few of their precious cardigans and jumpers.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jac Hunt, one half of the duo that make up Jac + Jack, at a pub in Paddington recently - she's an absolute inspiration, someone to admire in the whirlwind industry that is fashion in small town Sydney. After the intense few weeks of getting their store ready for the public, and just before they jet off to Japan for more busniess adventures, I thought I'd ask Jac a few questions about their very succesful six-year-old label.

How did Jac and Lisa 'Jack' Dempsey become friends in the first place?
I moved from Melbourne 12 years ago for a design job at Marcs, Lisa was the brand manager, so in effect was my boss. We worked together there for 4 years, then she moved over to Jigsaw as brand manager... She then moved back to Marcs and so did I. Our friendship developed in a working environment, many OS trips together, although we are quite different we are also very connected and would do anything for each other. I trust her implicitly and admire her.

What made you want to go into business together?
The quest for the perfect cashmere sweater, preferably in a shade of grey.

What do you love most about working together?
We have very different roles and strengths so we are very complimentary. We both have a strong work ethic, and a very clear shared vision of the brand we want to create. The relationship is very harmonious which is really great, I also love Lisa’s sense of humour, we are always able to laugh even in difficult situations which is fun. We travel a lot together, enjoy each other’s’s amazing really after all this time together we still have interesting conversations...I think she is also very quirky, so I love that about her.

With your first store now open in Paddington, what was the biggest challenge you’ve faced along the way?
Everything is new to us, so understanding the protocol and parameters has been challenging, it’s also hard to visualise what your first branded store will really look like, we had great designers to help us and we are really happy with how it has turned out.

Why did you decide to design knitwear over other types of clothing?
Knitwear and yarn are a work of art, very sensual and versatile, most people have a very strong reaction to beautiful knitwear, in particular cashmere. We never tire of how beautiful it is and how wearable it can be.

What’s your best fashion memory?
Angelina Jolie purchasing Jac+Jack in a major way and no one knowing about it.

Do you have a style staple you absolutely couldn’t live without?
A cashmere fine gauge crew neck sweater in pale grey marle...anything in any shade of grey is a staple for us.

What’s on the horizon?
Keep developing the store and look after our customers, we really want them to have the most incredible customer service and love the clothes like we do... evolve our homeware collection and continue our social entrepreneur program in the foothills of the Himalaya which is really important to us.

You can find Jac + Jack at 39 William St, Paddington

x Olivia

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  1. I love Jac and Jack - it's a bit expensive though... I haven't been into their store yet, is it good?