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March 16, 2010

the perfect pair

Still images from Garance Dore

So many beautiful shoes from the fall collections that I want to wear right now, seeing as we're going into winter! They are perfectly simple, practical and well, just really pretty.  While I'm sure I'll be seeing them in the fashion cupboard in a few months, I guess waiting a whole year to be able to actually wear them will give me enough time save my pennies...

x Olivia

March 15, 2010

what's your fashion personality?


While getting ready for an interview recently, Hayley and I were discussing shoes - what shoes to wear to give off what impression? She'd choose the towering Christian Louboutin pumps because she loves (and feels great in) power dressing; I picked the delicate open-toe Chloe's because they're 'cute' and I feel pretty wearing them.

Personally, I’ve always gravitated towards things that are pretty and minimalistic.  I hate anything messy, too many accessories, too many chunky buckles, studs or sequins.  Most of the time I'm scared of accessories, sticking to my usual rings, watch and dainty necklace ensemble - and I'll occasionally put on a belt. In a room full of dresses, my eye immediately goes to anything delicate in a simple colour palette of ivory, nude, navy and lots of browns, or anything slightly floral and romantic. This may seem boring to some, but to me you just can't go past the sophistication that comes with clean lines, soft minimalism and beautiful staple pieces.

I'm not into the tough-as-nails Balmain or the dirty sexiness of Alexander Wang's fall collection - I've far preferred looking at (and making a wish list of) the cute knee high socks at Karen Walker, the retro ladylike dresses at Prada or the everything-a-girl-could-want separates at Dries Van Noten and the awesome fifties cropped pants at Isabel MarantStella McCartney, Valentino (for the first time) and Chloe are also in my I-wish-I-could-afford-it-all basket - and I've desperately missed Luella.

It's taken me a long and arduous 22 years to figure out what my fashion personality is - after countless (really bad) disasters experimenting with things that I would want to like, but really just don't work on me. And while I dreamily look at the thigh high snake-skin boots going down Burberry's fall runway and think I'd love to own a pair, the reality is I'd look absolutely stupid in them because they're just not me.  

Do you have your own signature style? Here's a fun Elle quiz if you're feeling curious - then you can shop your 'personality' 'til your hearts content.

x Olivia

March 3, 2010

basic instinct

The luxurious knitwear label Jac + Jack opened their first store in Paddington last week, just in time for winter. I'm a big fan of cosy, but still delicate, knitwear and I'll definetly be saving up my hard earned penny's for a few of their precious cardigans and jumpers.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jac Hunt, one half of the duo that make up Jac + Jack, at a pub in Paddington recently - she's an absolute inspiration, someone to admire in the whirlwind industry that is fashion in small town Sydney. After the intense few weeks of getting their store ready for the public, and just before they jet off to Japan for more busniess adventures, I thought I'd ask Jac a few questions about their very succesful six-year-old label.

How did Jac and Lisa 'Jack' Dempsey become friends in the first place?
I moved from Melbourne 12 years ago for a design job at Marcs, Lisa was the brand manager, so in effect was my boss. We worked together there for 4 years, then she moved over to Jigsaw as brand manager... She then moved back to Marcs and so did I. Our friendship developed in a working environment, many OS trips together, although we are quite different we are also very connected and would do anything for each other. I trust her implicitly and admire her.

What made you want to go into business together?
The quest for the perfect cashmere sweater, preferably in a shade of grey.

March 2, 2010

on our radar: Ruby

Ruby Angel's coat

It's autumn! And right on time, March 1st brought the first day of cold weather to Sydney's usually hot, humid and gross summer climate. The three of us wore stockings and coats yesterday, today we're in trenches and wooly cardi's and we love it.

This little number will be my first purchase for winter - it's from a lovely New Zealand label called Ruby. I fell in love with it after I saw the (below) beautiful pastel shoot in the new Fashion Quarterly. The coat went online on Thursday and has already sold out in the peach, but we can still buy it here on this side of the ditch.

x Olivia

March 1, 2010

the secret's out

Pictures by Secret Squirrel

I recently did a winter shoot where I used a cute Australian label called Secret Squirrel and I have to say I wanted every bit of it! From warm woolly jumpers to high waisted skirts in beautiful fabrics put back with chambray denim shirts - if this is what winter is going to be, bring on Jack Frost!

Vintage finds are a key inspiration for the label, as well as everyday things - like people watching, TV, music, art, flowers and pretty blogs, says Bri Cheeseman and Andrew Prince, the duo behind the label; and speaking of blogs they also have one

Here's a sneak preview of my shoot featuring Secret Squirrel's gorgeous 'Obi la Di' top.

Photography: Jon Attenborough. Styling: Alex Wilson (myself).

Marino ponti Jacket, Secret Squirrel 'Obi la Di' top, Bracewell shorts, Olivia's Topshop socks (thanks Liv), Wittner shoes, Deadly Ponies 'Bow Cobalt' bag.

Alex x