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December 25, 2009

dear santa

We've been very good this year - incase you're stopping by, we wouldn’t mind finding any of these treats under the Christmas tree tomorrow morning.

Olivia x

December 19, 2009

model watch: Annabella Barber

This 18-year-old beauty hails from little old New Zealand (and I may be a little biased, we found out we went to the same high school in Auckland) but she's incredible.

Very few female New Zealand models, with the exception of a few (Georgia Fowler, Stella Maxwell, even Rachel Hunter), actually 'get it' - even the Aussie girls sometimes find it hard to translate the photographer's and the stylist's vision into an amazing image. However Annabella most certainly 'gets it'; she transforms when put in front of the camera, and although she has only been modelling for three months, she's already booking up a storm in Sydney – but really, with this face it's not hard to see why.

Olivia x

December 18, 2009


There's often a lot of waiting around on shoots - for hair and make-up, for the sun to emerge, for the rain to stop, for the photographers assistants to fix the lighting, for the model to finish her cigarette...

As geeky as it may sound, our nifty iPhone applications are really what pull us through. Here are some of our favourites that we're more than slightly addicted to:

Nylon - a one-stop shop to read stories, see photos, listen to music, and watch the latest episodes of NYLON TV. - watch runway shows, read the Style File blogs, ogle over what Alexa Chung wore to the last night's premiere, you get the idea.

Ebay - cheap Karen Walker on-the-go? No explanation needed.

Urban Spoon - part Magic 8 Ball, part slot machine; you shake your phone and it magically finds a good restaurant near you. - as exciting as it is listening to who's had the latest Botox treatments, it's nice to read about the world outside of our fashion cupboard.

Tetris - no-one can get a peep out of Goldielocks when she's in Tetris mode. This one costs money, but it's worth it on entertainment value.

Download from Apple's App Store at

December 17, 2009

line up ladies

Christmas is coming early this Saturday morning.

If we were you, we would print out a handful of these immediately and have them mysteriously appear wherever your boyfriend happens to walk by, sit down, eat or sleep. (And honey, if you're reading this, I like the dress in the first picture best).


Olivia x

December 14, 2009

so much to tell you

This is the story of three friends who bonded over the many trials, tribulations and inside secrets that comes with being fashion assistants. We decided to start this blog to chronicle and share our inspirations, dreams, tips we've learnt along the way and reports from the front line - with a few of the things we love most thrown in.